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Your supplier for Mining and Power Generation Machinery for the German, Chinese, Indian and Turkish Market. 

Power Generation 

We are a major supplier for Turbines and Compressors as well as all their spare parts. Our major brands are RR, GE and SIEMENS.

Mining / Agriculture

We are a major supplier for all kind of mining and agricultural machinery, parts and agricultural products: 

- Drill rigs (Mining)

- Bolting rigs (Mining)

- LHDs (Mining)

- Dump Trucks (Mining)

- Harvester (agricultural)

- Tractors (agricultural)

- Agricultural Products: Wheat, barley, corn, etc.


Spare parts / General trading

Within our clients EPC and EPCM projects we act as a solely responsible and centralized distribution organ for all needed raw materials, replacement parts or any other products you need to finalize your project 

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