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Our main services


Procurement consultancy and supply chain management:


  • Monitoring, managing and optimising the entire strategic and operational procurement process

  • Identifying and developing more efficient procurement sources for raw materials, machines and replacement parts

  • Optimisation of existing supply chains

  • Supply chain strategy, planning, controlling and management

Company Profile.


We see the primary focus of our activities in the provision of purposeful and comprehensive supply only to German, Chinese and Turkish producing companies irrespective of their legal form, in particular from the mining and power generation sectors.


These are only few reasons why our company - only one year after its incorporation - was able to reach a balance sheet of nearly 4 million Euros. Also in all followed years IBS continued its success through a permanent increase of the annual turnover. Only between 2011 and 2017 IBS was involved in Projects with a total value of above 500 million Euros.

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